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Thank you for giving us a chance to help you in your home-buying journey. To enable us to better assist you and look at prospective homes from your eyes, we request you to answer the questions below to the best of your ability. Please feel free to touch base with us directly in case you need more clarification on anything. We looking forward to working with you :)

* 1/16 - What is your primary motivation for buying a home? 

Are you looking for a first home, moving-up, downsizing, vacation home, etc.

* 2/16 - What is your ideal timeline for purchasing a home?

Do you have a specific deadline in mind, such as relocating for work or the end of a lease?

* 3/16 - What is your budget for buying a home?

Have you been pre-approved for a mortgage, and if so, what is the maximum loan amount you're qualified for? If not, do you need us to connect you with one or more of our trusted lender partners?

* 4/16 - What specific features and amenities are you looking for in a home?

Number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, yard size, etc.

5/16 - Apart from the people who have already been introduced, is there anyone else who would be involved in the decision-making process?​

Do you've a local (or remote) family member, close friend, or anyone else without whose approval you may not be able to make a decision?

6/16 - Are there any particular neighborhoods or areas you are interested in?

Consider factors like proximity to work, schools, public transportation, and local amenities.

* 7/16 - Are there any deal-breakers or must-haves for your new home?

This could include things like a certain school district, specific architectural style, direction, layout, T-intersection, corner lot, busy street, flight path, etc. Please provide as much information as you can. No detail is too much when you're about to make one of the biggest investments of your life :)

8/16 - Are you ok with a multi-level home?

Maximum how many levels are you ok with?

9/16 - Are you open to fixer-uppers or homes that may need renovation?

Understanding your willingness to take on home improvement projects can help us narrow down options. We can also provide the vendor references needed for specific trades.

* 10/16 - Do you have any specific preferences regarding the type of property (single-family home, condo, townhouse, etc.)?

Different types of properties come with different advantages, maintenance responsibilities and lifestyle considerations.

11/16 - Do you have any financial or legal considerations we should be aware of?

This could include tax implications, or unique financing needs.

12/16 - Have you worked with a real estate agent before?

Understanding your experience with them can also help us tailor the approach for you.

13/16 - What is your preferred method of communication?

Some clients prefer emails, texts, or phone calls, and their availability for meetings or property viewings.

14/16 - Are you open to us creating a Whatsapp group with the main decision-makers?

It's easier to have one channel to communicate with everyone, eg: husband & wife, parents & adult kids, partners in an LLC, etc.

15/16 - Are there any specific questions or concerns you have about the home-buying process?

Addressing any potential issues or misconceptions early on can help ease the process.

16/16 - Are there any specific properties you've already identified or seen that you're interested in?

This can provide us valuable insights into your preferences and priorities.

* 1/16 - What is your primary motivation for buying a home? 

Your Home Search Begins Here.

Thank you for your submission, we will be in contact with you shortly.

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